Our Bankers Set Us Apart

Across the industries, professions and sectors that drive the economy, knowledgeable bankers can make a remarkable difference. Western Alliance bankers draw on significant, industry-specific experience to provide thoughtful business counsel alongside powerful products tailored to meet the demands of our clients and an ever-changing business environment. Our real commitment to understanding individual businesses, fueled by hard-to-match industry expertise, results in meaningful banking relationships.


Areas of Expertise

  • Accounting & Insurance

  • Legal

  • Renewable Energy

  • Education

  • Manufacturing & Distribution

  • Retail

  • Healthcare

  • Municipal & Local Government

  • Technology & Life Sciences

  • Hospitality & Tourism

  • Nonprofits

  • Timeshare Development

  • Homeowner Association

  • Real Estate & Construction

The bank’s chief real estate appraiser understands that Western Alliance is built on customer relationships and timely decisions. The job of Gregg Baker and his team is to use their independence and expertise to solve complex, often unique, problems and deliver resolute valuation and environmental answers. “Our corporate culture encourages our team to ask substantive questions, exercise intellectual curiosity, and assist our lending groups and executive management in making timely, smart decisions.”

Gregg Baker, SVP
Chief Real Estate Appraiser
Western Alliance Bank
Western Alliance Bancorporation 2016 Annual Report - Greg Baker's signature

“There is an entrepreneurial side of this bank – they hire knowledgeable people and empower them to create new products and services for customers. There are so many subject matter experts here to help you learn new things.”

Kathy Cosio, SVP
Internal Audit Director
Western Alliance Bank
Western Alliance Bancorporation 2016 Annual Report - Kathy Cosio's signature

“When clients call, they talk with experts who can solve their issues quickly. Everyone takes responsibility. It’s not only that we know what we are doing, it’s also that we are completely dedicated to customer service.”

Bella BetSayad, VP
Treasury Management
Bridge Bank
Western Alliance Bancorporation 2016 Annual Report - Bella BetSayad's signature

More National Business Lines

Our highly specialized National Business Lines add demonstrable value – because businesses benefit from bankers who are as grounded in their worlds as they are. At each of our 10 National Business Lines, Western Alliance experts provide thorough, customized and current solutions for clients across the country.

Western Alliance’s sharply focused business lines are centered around deep expertise in tech-sector lending and other specialty banking geared to enterprises of all kinds including hotel operations, mortgage banking, nonprofit entities and municipalities, homeowner associations, timeshare developments and more. Paired with our superior service and dedication to understanding the unique goals and opportunities of every individual client, our niche National Business Lines do more for customers.

According to Monika Suarez, lending in the public sector is known to be an impersonal process. But things are different at Western Alliance, where customers know who their lenders are and benefit from true relationships. "One of the aspects I find so personally and professionally fulfilling about what I do for Western Alliance is that we provide so much more than just financial resources – we develop a full understanding of what our customers are trying to accomplish and can suggest other strategic partners. We add real value by collaborating in ways that help municipalities and nonprofits further their missions."

Monika Suarez, SVP
Municipal Finance Director
Public and Nonprofit Finance
Western Alliance Bancorporation 2016 Annual Report - Monika Suarez's signature

Corporate Finance, like much of Western Alliance, takes the time to dig deeper to find benefits for both customers and the bank. “We have the ability to do larger, complex syndications which helps us grow with our customers.”

Roham Medifar, VP
Credit Research Analyst
Corporate Finance
Western Alliance Bancorporation 2016 Annual Report - Roham Medifar's signature

“Like most large financial institutions, we have prudent credit standards. What differentiates Western Alliance is we listen to individual customer needs, and are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and do the work to come up with strategic, unique solutions to help customers meet their goals and still feel good about our position as a lender.“

David Bernard, SVP
Senior Loan Officer
Mortgage Warehouse Lending
Western Alliance Bancorporation 2016 Annual Report - David Bernard's signature

“Our clients value and often rely upon our expertise. It is common for our customers to reach out to us much earlier in the project cycle to get our input before they even put a loan package together.”

Chris Williams, SVP
Managing Director
Hotel Franchise Finance
Western Alliance Bancorporation 2016 Annual Report - Chris Williams's signature

“I've been lending for a long time, and I also have been on the other side of the table. My experience helps me to better understand the needs of our customers.”

Dan Jurgiewich, AVP
Portfolio Manager
Resort Finance
Western Alliance Bancorporation 2016 Annual Report - Dan Jurgiewich's signature

Investments to Enhance the Customer Experience

Western Alliance in 2016 successfully completed a comprehensive technology conversion to power our banking business with a single, state-of-the-art system designed to deliver more for our clients. We invested in a solution with an outstanding track record in the industry that brings our employees and clients advanced products and services – along with a modern banking experience.

Connecting every division and national business line across the bank, this one platform provides our clients and employees with banking tools and innovative products that deliver added convenience, enhanced security and high-quality service.

Key benefits to customers include improved online banking, faster access to data and streamlined interfaces – in addition to the essential deliverable of enhanced security so necessary in today’s business environment. All of this paves the way for new mobile banking in 2017.

For Western Alliance, this investment in our new system yields a more flexible, responsive tool for managing our growing businesses. Importantly, this dynamic platform will accommodate the bank’s growth going forward.

Janelle Miller and her team were on the frontlines of the 2016 system conversion preparing people across the company to support a technology transition for customers. “Our customers have been asking for a more robust online banking system. While there are always challenges with any conversion, we were there to resolve them. The new platform is more modern, more user-friendly and we’re hearing positive feedback from customers.”

Janelle Miller, AVP
Treasury Management Application Support
Western Alliance Bank
Western Alliance Bancorporation 2016 Annual Report - Janelle Miller's signature

“Understanding more about what customers want is essential to how we approach our markets. Innovative technology is bringing us new insights about our clients and their priorities.”

Ryan Barringer, SVP
Division Marketing Director
Bridge Bank and Torrey Pines Bank
Western Alliance Bancorporation 2016 Annual Report - Ryan Barringer's signature

“The culture of our bank is really what makes outstanding customer service possible. We have great products and technology that’s always getting better, but it’s relationships that matter even more.”

Laura Villagomez, AVP
Operations Senior Manager
First Independent Bank
Western Alliance Bancorporation 2016 Annual Report - Laura Villagomez's signature

Advanced Products for Business

Businesses bank on our comprehensive slate of deposit and lending solutions to meet their complex banking and financing needs. Our clients don’t have to give up exceptional service to find the innovative suite of products their businesses demand. We deliver the best of both worlds: The strong capacity and sophisticated product offerings of a large bank, with the flexibility, commitment and service of a more specialized institution.

Credit Solutions

  • Asset-Based Lending

  • Commercial and Industrial Loans

  • Commercial Credit Card

  • Commercial Real Estate Loans

  • Corporate Finance

  • Equipment Finance/Leases

  • Equity Fund Financing

  • Hotel Franchise Finance

  • Homeowner Association Lending

  • International Banking

  • Letters of Credit

  • Life Sciences Finance

  • Medical/Professional Loans

  • Mortgage Warehouse Lending

  • Municipal Finance

  • Nonprofit Lending

  • Participations and Syndications

  • Revolving Lines of Credit

  • Solar Project Finance

  • SBA Financing

  • Technology Finance

  • Timeshare Financing

Deposit Solutions

  • Analysis, Business & Specialty Checking Accounts

  • Treasury Management Services:

    • ACH Origination

    • Wire Transfers

    • Remote Deposit

    • Merchant Services

    • Positive Pay

    • Sweep Services and more

  • Certificates of Deposits

  • Money Market Accounts

Additional Banking Solutions

  • International Banking Services

  • Online Banking


“Customer interaction is the best part of my job, and working at this bank, that is tremendously valued. I do everything I can to make sure customers are comfortable with our products and with our technology.”

Lu Ann Bagby
Treasury Management Trainer
Alliance Bank of Arizona
Western Alliance Bancorporation 2016 Annual Report - Lu Ann Bagby's signature

International banking solutions are important to clients with global operations, and Western Alliance offers cutting-edge products – along with high-touch customer service – that align with customer needs. Brian Simonson helped design the tools and infrastructure that smooth the way for clients, wherever they do business. “We work with sophisticated companies that need not only the right lending facility but also other innovative techniques to optimize transactions and mitigate risk. Our international banking solutions deliver all of this with a better client experience.”

Brian Simonson, SVP
Regional Manager
Bridge Bank
Western Alliance Bancorporation 2016 Annual Report - Brian Simonson's signature

“The typical job description for an underwriter is to sit at a desk and analyze details. But at our bank, we’re encouraged to meet our clients, so customers know they can call the loan officer, or me, or anyone on the team – because they know us.”

Jenna Smithley, VP
Senior Commercial
Real Estate Underwriter
Alliance Bank of Arizona
Western Alliance Bancorporation 2016 Annual Report - Jenna Smithley's signature