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Innovating with Superior Service for Tech Markets

For Dan Pistone, developing productive niches in technology banking powered by an unusually high level of service for clients is a truly creative enterprise. In helping to lead the four National Business Lines that together comprise Western Alliance’s Innovation Group – Technology, Equity Resources, Life Sciences and Renewable Resources – he revels in assembling teams of entrepreneurial, best-in-class bankers. “We attract top people by engaging them in the creative process of building their own focused businesses, something they wouldn’t have the opportunity to do at a large, money-center bank. Interestingly, this emphasis on more responsibility and leadership also has a positive impact for clients.”

In the Innovation Group, bankers have more empowerment, more engagement and more authority – very much like the technology companies they bank. “Western Alliance’s resources give us a platform to continue building a brand that people in our space see as a premium brand,” says Pistone. “What’s important is that we not only provide the full suite of products, capacity and expertise that growing technology companies all over the country need, but in a way that leads with the hands-on, personalized customer service Western Alliance stands for.”

Dan Pistone, SVP
Business Line Director
Bridge Bank

“There is a creative aspect to building something from the ground up, and I find this motivates some of the industry’s best bankers to join our group.”

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More Impact

Demonstrably more. That’s what Western Alliance delivers for business. It’s not only about expert solutions and a commitment to superior customer service – it’s about our people. Here’s how.

Stretching to Do More Builds Performance

“I do more here in this job than I could have dreamed of doing at a law firm or a big bank.” For Jessica Jarvi, who works on corporate transactions, acquisitions, offerings, corporate governance, human resources and more, the impact she is able to have is clear. “Anyone who has been here for a while has been asked to stretch and do something that’s new for them. It builds confidence to tackle something completely new and see its results.”

In Jarvi’s estimation, a flat organization is a difference maker. “One thing that says a great deal about our bank is that everyone is accessible. This is meaningful – we are available to talk to our internal clients every day, and I know this is exactly what our bankers do with customers. There’s more direct contact, less bureaucracy and fewer layers. Western Alliance has so many high-quality people, and part of the reason they thrive here is the ability to positively influence the organization.”

Jessica Jarvi, SVP
Deputy General Counsel
Western Alliance Bank

“I think it’s important to work for an organization that is locally committed and involved. Across the board, the bank supports education – from high-level policy to hands-on tutoring – and the bank is very supportive of my volunteer work with First Things First, Arizona’s early childhood initiative.”

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More Stories

We do more. To solve problems, open doors, realize goals and bring more to our business clients. See what we mean.

A Story of Personal Growth

With eight promotions in 16 years – from Customer Service Representative to Senior Vice President – Vinetta De La Cruz now oversees two offices for Bank of Nevada, and nurtures hundreds of important customer relationships. Her story demonstrates how Western Alliance doesn’t just support client businesses, it also supports flourishing careers. “If you would have told me this would have been my path, I wouldn’t have believed it. One of the greatest things about our bank is opportunity,” says De La Cruz. “We do an excellent job of identifying people's strengths and then giving them a chance to grow professionally.”

Her view: The bank’s investment in talented people ups the yield for customers, who benefit from highly engaged, expert bankers. “I know my customers – what keeps them up at night, what their greatest fears and achievements are, and their next big milestones.” Clearly, strong and enduring relationships define Western Alliance, both for customers and, as De La Cruz points out, “for employees right here at home…The motivation is so much more than compensation. It’s also about empowerment.”

Vinetta De La Cruz, SVP
Regional Manager
Bank of Nevada

“We do more to earn your business. We do more to retain your business. And we do more to protect your business. This same concept applies to how we treat our employees.”

Western Alliance Bancorporation 2016 Annual Report - Vinetta De La Cruz's signature

Real Responsiveness is a Real Differentiator

Steve Black understands that, for every customer, their business is what matters most. That’s one reason many say he is the best SBA lender in San Diego County. Responsiveness goes beyond getting back to someone right away – it’s putting the full power and resources of a top banking organization to work for clients in ways they might not know they need. “If a customer has a great project, even if their presentation doesn’t do it justice, we often can see the possibilities,” says Black. “We have tremendous strategic capabilities to look for solutions that make a real difference for customers. And we do it in a timely manner.”

At Torrey Pines Bank – and all the divisions of Western Alliance – responsiveness is a team sport. “I’m always impressed with the quality of our people. We attract ‘A’ players and everyone rolls up their sleeves to succeed for clients. That’s a big part of how we get well-crafted loan packages over the finish line.” For Black, this rare combination of hard work, expertise and flexibility is the essence of the bank’s commitment.

Steve Black, SVP
Senior Business Development Officer
Torrey Pines Bank

“Customers are looking for a quick and thoughtful turnaround, because they are moving quickly to capitalize on opportunities. Our responsiveness is the quality our customers value most.”

Western Alliance Bancorporation 2016 Annual Report - Steve Black's signature

Smart Analytics Power Better Decision-making

Better, faster and more efficient banking decisions for clients – that is what Dan Harach and his team think about every day. Critically, Harach, like most everyone at Western Alliance, is a “doer” as well as a thinker. In his case, putting great ideas into action meant creating a sophisticated set of tools to analyze aggregate risk for individual clients, separate portfolios or whole divisions, as big or small as the situation demands. His entrepreneurial efforts have led to more profound and readily available insights that have boosted analysis for decisions across the organization. All of this translates to faster loan decisions for clients, an important pillar of Western Alliance’s brand promise.

“We’ve developed systems that are helping our bank to be even more nimble and responsive – and that’s really the story of Western Alliance. Our bankers get out and lead, they are able to anticipate opportunities. The work we do behind the scenes is just another example of the bank’s culture of getting out ahead of expectations.”

Dan Harach, SVP
Loan Portfolio Analyst Manager
Western Alliance Bank

“We’ve developed agile resources that will benefit Western Alliance for years to come. That is exciting.”

Western Alliance Bancorporation 2016 Annual Report - Dan Harach's signature